Father, Brother, Author, Veteran, Motorcycle Enthusiast

Few things define how you see the world as life and death.  I’ve been around the world and back, but few places I’ve stood have impacted me more than graveside burying a sister way to soon, burying a child, or at ‘the wall’ with my brothers, the few and the proud.  These things bring strong men to their knees and tears to their eyes.  I promise you it does not make them weak.

Few things light my fire like climbing on a motorcycle and roaring up the road.  We know that all men die, but not all men live, so while I’m with the living I’m taking every moment I get.  Just a cowboy riding a wild horse with his face in the wind.

Few know I tend to fall in love deeply, and if severely disappointed, can take a lifetime to get over it.  If you have the love of a good woman you better cherish it.  So give love freely, thank God for his generosity, and let your life shine.

With that being said there’s a few things I’d like to share with you while we are on this journey together.  I hope you enjoy the read!

Owen Riess

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